Full-service scoreboards solutions

We provide comprehensive services for the implementation of scoreboards and timekeepers. From hardware to software integration, we design, build, and install all necessary components of scoreboard systems for sports arenas.

Scoreboard Solution
scoreboard building services by Goal Sport Software

Design and Construction

We offer a comprehensive service for the design and construction of Media Cubes and giant screens. With extensive experience dedicated exclusively to sports arena technology, we ensure that every project meets the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Installation and Customization

Our on-site installation team comprises seasoned professionals and in-house software developers, ensuring that our systems are customized and optimized for every project. This expertise guarantees seamless integration and performance tailored to the unique needs of each sports arena.

Giant Screens

Hardware and Software integration

Digital scoreboards require giant LED screens, which our team can provide and install according to your sports project needs. But their capabilities extend far beyond that.

Our software system includes dynamic input for game stats like goals, penalties, substitutions, and automatic game-time tracking by the timekeeper. It also features player presentations and audience messages.

GS Scoreboard systems integrate live production software to control cameras, create replays, and highlight games. Additionally, GS playout software allows you to design digital scoreboards, present sponsored content, overlay graphics, synchronize playlists, and manage audio and lighting.

Inter Miami's DRV PNK Scoreboard by Goal Sport Software

Center Hungs and Media Cubes