Video technology for referees, coaches and sports medics.

We offer scalable video review systems for various sports, supported on desktops, laptops, and tablets, capable of being portable and wirelessly connected.

Video Review Solutions


VAR control room in OB truck at Slovak Football

Designed for sports video officiating

It consolidates all the controls sport officials need for reviewing situations of a game. Access to unlimited camera inputs. Configurable camera layouts. Built-in virtual offside line. Uninterrupted recording. All-in-one intuitive dashboard allowing fast operation of slow motion, camera selection and marking.



GS Video Review Solutions Features
Marking and Annotations

Marking and Annotations

GS Video Review solutions offer instant incident review and tagging, ensuring continuous recording with synchronized cameras.



With intuitive GUI, enhanced by proprietary gestures and touch-screen control. GS Video Review solutions are designed for sports environments and developed in conjunction with sports officials. Some compact systems eliminate the need for assistant video operators.


VOL Virtual Offside Lines Technology

VOL Technology

GS VAR system integrates AI-powered GS Virtual Offside Line (VOL) for precise player position identification, featuring crosshair, 3D line, triangulation. It can be either deployed with GS VAR or as standalone solution.

José Fuente


“We found the right fit for our sports services in Goal Sport Software, thanks to the wide range of video review products they offer. We’re pleased with the flexible development and support of their solutions.”

Francisco José de la Fuente

MEDIAPRO Director of the International Audiovisual Services Area



“I’m positively surprised by the quality of the video. [GS Video Assistant Referee] The control is simple, even intuitive, and easy to be handled by the club operators”

Robert Vyklicky

Head Referee of Czech Basketball Federation



“It’s very easy-to-use [GS Review - Coach], you can review a game situation instantly, and show it to the referees in the arena. We also use the technology in our training sessions, to correct the players’ positioning and improve our plays.”

Ales Vladyka

Video Coach at Bili Tygin Liberec Ice Hockey



Goal Sport Software guarantees precise camera input synchronization, vital for sports VAR reviews, with features like continuous recording, immunity to delayed preview, built-in processing (SDI, PTZ, SSM), manual correction for delays (e.g., PG-out), accurate time value processing, and Genlock support.

Camera Layouts and User Presets

Camera Layouts and User Presets

Choose from default camera layout previews, switch and rearrange cameras with simple touches, and label them for easy identification. Customize presets and workspaces, with individual user login access preserving defined presets.

Portable Systems

Portable Systems

We offer integrated hardware and software solutions that are compact and facilitate logistics due to their size. Our default VAR BOX All-in-one and VAR Light systems are easy to set up, portable, and plug-and-play with some options wirelessly connected.

Goal Sport Video Officiating Flexible System

System customization

Every sport has its different demands for video reviewing. GS Video Review system is configured especially to the need for use in any sports building. Our experts can help you to design the most suitable system according to your project.

Flexible integration 

Supports NDI cameras, skaarhoj switchers, x-keys, extreme deck and many other external devices.

Video Review Solutions


Venue Control Solution with Goal Sport Video Reviewing Software System