Instant Replay System in the Czech basketball league - NBL

Instant Replay System implemented for the Czech Basketball Federation

In september of 2020, Goal Sport Instant Replay System (IRS technology) developed by request of Czech Basketball Federation was deployed in 12 basketball arenas around Czech Republic. The system will be in use by the major Czech Basketball Leagues, starting with deployment to the member arenas of the main Czech National Basketball League. 

The simultaneous implementation of IRS systems in multiple arenas required by CBF was indeed challenging. Each one of the venues had specific technical requirements and Goal Sport's team had to perform customization of hardware parts on site to achieve equal standards for the system in all the venues. The delivery of the project was done in record time, enabling the necessary time for training of referees for use it on the 2020/21 season of the national championship.

"I was positively surprised by the quality of the footage. The control is simple, intuitive, and and it's easy to be handled by club operators"

Robert Vyklický - Head Referee at ČABR

The delivery of the entire project required thorough cooperation between the federation management and ALK NBL, which took care of the financing, with all 12 clubs and the referees' association (ČABR). "Installation in the halls, adjusting the system and training the club staff took about five months," adds says Děčín general manager Lukáš Houser, who was the coordinator of the entire project for the club association, thanks to whose activity was possible to complete everything necessary before the start of this year's season.

The basketball venues were equipped with 5 static cameras dedicated exclusively to referee's access, which settings, picture adjustment and quality can be remotely controlled. There are also 2 additional streaming systems included, portable workstation units with custom connection points and and a review area with external monitor for the referee on field.

The customization done in this GS video refereeing system allows the mobility of the custom connection points that can be conveniently set up on whichever side of the court the referees would require. The computer workstations were engineered to allow easy mobility within the arena's environment. With compact size and quick cabling connections, the operators can easily set the equipment in any area in the arena. Which saves time and efforts in the preparation of the system for the game-days operation. 

The feedback from referees has been very good. "I was positively surprised by the quality of the footage. The control is simple, intuitive, and and it's easy to be handled by club operators", says the head of Czech referees, Robert Vyklický, referring to the key figures of the entire system, many of whom also act as active referees.

Featured Technology:
12 system units 
GS Instant Replay System - IRS
GS Video Referee Software
7 camera inputs
Compact and portable flight case
Built-in computer, monitor and controllers