Unparalleled Video Referee Padel Technology


Unparalleled Video Referee Technology in Padel

At the Hexagon Cup held at Madrid Arena from Jan 31 to Feb 4, 2024, a partnership between Goal Sport (GS) and Foxtenn Padel Analytics enhanced the game with exclusive GS Video Referee's technology.

Deployed for the first time in this event, the GS Video Referee System, in collaboration with FoxTenn, introduced an unmatched review system to padel matches. Comprising the GS Video Referee System set for the rules of padel, a Video Server, and 9 synchronized high-speed cameras, along with the data analytics technology from Foxtenn Padel, this integrated solution delivered real-time video reviews and virtual line judge overlays.

Notably, the GS Video Referee System is equipped to handle a variety of review scenarios critical to the integrity of the game:

• Ball IN/OUT Review: Precisely determines its landing position.
• Net Touch: Detects any contact between the player/ball and the net.
• Double-Bounce of the Ball: Identifies instances where the ball bounces twice on the ground.
• Verification of Net Clearance in "Let" Situations

With intuitive usability, the GS Video Referee system is capable of instantly addressing the video images for situations requested by the referees. It is able to provide multiple camera angles, frame synchronized. Additionally, it also allows in-depth review by tools such as zooming, slow-motion, and frame-by-frame analysis. Furthermore, it allows tagging for further review, exporting clips, and other useful features.

By flexibly integrating data analytics from FoxTenn with the renowned sports technology of Goal Sports Software, the GS Video Referee System sets a new standard for precision and fairness in padel tournaments.

This is one of the multiple successful cases of software integration performed by our team for tournaments and sport events. Rely on the Goal Sport Software team for challenging video referee tech integrations in sport events.