Expertise in implementing AV systems in sport venues

Goal Sport Company specializes in bringing together AV components and software into fully integrated systems and ensuring that all technologies function together under a unified digital control.

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Goal Sport Technology Services
Goal Sport Technology at service of your sports project

Technical Services

Includes implementing, planning, coordinating, scheduling, testing, improving and maintaining media systems in sport venues.

Experience in technology for sport venues

Implementation of venue control software 

We not only develop, but also implement the software platform that allows AV systems to be operated in sports buildings with full control. We develop our software in-house ensuring all GS software applications work seamlessly together to enhance the capability of your media system.


Hardware and software integration

We provide the necessary hardware integration of devices such as LED screens, digital scoreboards, game clocks, TVs, outdoor displays, camera sets. We also provide the integration of third-party software if necessary.


Design and customization 

Our solutions are scalable, so we can supply from small to complex projects. Separately from many other players in the market, we can customize our systems with your requirements, since we have in-house software development and the independence to work with different suppliers. We also can design physical structures such as media cubes and giant screens and coordinate their installation.


Design and customization for projects of hardware and software integration
Goal Sport Services in-stadium technology for sport venues


Quality and support

When required, we offer end-to-end service, from planning to the opening ceremony, including installation, training and maintenance. Our support includes a 24/7 helpdesk and on-premises by arrangement. We care about the long-term relationship with our clients, so we just work with quality components, reliable partners and are independent of suppliers.


Experience in technology for sport venues

We have 16 years of experience with AV technology for sport venues, including 150+ systems installed in arenas around the world with a full range of software and hardware solutions for in-stadia production.