Video Officiating Software for iPad Pro and Surface Pro

Works as a standalone server-based Video Review System or as a portable, wireless expansion device for fixed systems, central control rooms, and OB Trucks. Ideal for remote supervision.

Tablet Video Review
Ipad multiple sports

Major sports organizations rely on GS Tablet Video Review


VAR - Video Assistant Referee
MVRS - Medical Video Review System “Medical Tablet”
IRS - Instant Replay System
VGJ - Video Goal Judge
TMO - Television Match Official
Coach Challenge

Designed for the in-stadia environment 

Key Features


José Fuente


“We found the right fit for our sports services in Goal Sport Software, thanks to the wide range of video review products they offer. We’re pleased with the flexible development and support of their solutions.”

Francisco José de la Fuente

MEDIAPRO - Director of the International Audiovisual Services Area



“Goal Sport Technology’s design of the system, from the VOR to the OB trucks, including the on-field systems, camera setups, and referee review areas, have greatly improved our video reviewing. Goal Sport’s commitment has been key to the success of the VAR project.”

Vladimír Medveď

Slovakian Football Federation - Referee Development Manager and UEFA | Referee Development Manager



“It’s very easy-to-use [GS Review - Coach], you can review a game situation instantly, and show it to the referees in the arena. We also use the technology in our training sessions, to correct the players’ positioning and improve our plays.”

Ales Vladyka

Aleš Vladyka - Video Coach, Bílí Tygři Liberec

GS Video Tablet is used by Referees, Coaches and Players


Designed in conjunction with sports officials for in-stadia environment. Enhanced touch controls for iPad. It eliminates the need for assistant video operators.

Marks and Tags

Easily create marks for post-review with non-stop recording. Register all marks in a playlist, allowing naming and tagging of any mark. Set auto-marks generated by the GS Timekeeper.


Allows to instantly swap to review mode. Keep a list of all marks for easy access. Search replays using the timeline or the search bar by typing a specific time or tags.


Swap between camera angles with a tap of a button. Set your own forced preview delay. Set camera order and names. Enhanced touch controls allow you to quickly find image details, with smart gestures for zooming, moving the image within the frame, navigating back and forth in time, and controlling the speed.


Goal Sport Software ensures synchronization of camera inputs and frame accuracy, which are crucial for sports video officiating review. One example of the quality of GS Video Review Systems is that GS VAR has been tested by Rise AB, and GS VOL has been tested by Sports Labs Ltd., meeting the highest standards for latency and synchronization and achieving FIFA® Certification for use in International Football Matches.

Tablet VAR System also in UEFA, FIFA and Conmebol Competitions

Goal Sport Video Officiating Flexible System

Unique system customization

Goal Sports Technology stands out for its unique capability to customize solutions, thanks to the flexibility of our systems and extensive experience in integrating systems in sports arenas. Our GS Video Review solutions are tailored to the specific demands of each sport and configured for use in any sports building. Our experts are available to assist you in designing the most suitable system for your project requirements.