New Center-hung at Peace and Friendship Arena, Athens


Goal Sport Software installs the new center hung and venue control platform at Peace and Friendship Arena.

Goal Sport Technology in cooperation with TGI Greece constructed the new custom center-hung of the Peace and Friendship Arena. 

Along with the hardware installation, Goal Sport Technology supplied the software-based venue control system, which raises the capacity of controlling digitally currently existing devices and the new equipment implemented to the arena's AV system, including scoreboards, game-clocks, screens, audio system, lights and sirens. The Peace and Friendship arena is an iconic basketball venue which serves as the house of Olympiacos BC team and its enthusiastic fans. Olympiacos BC and the venue managers initiated a partnership which aims to improve the stadium atmosphere on matchdays, in order to captivate the fans and create an attractive environment for sponsorships. The evolution of a new concept for Peace and Friendship Arena led to an acquisition of a new digital system including a digital center hung with two led rings and a 360º perimeter led displays. 


Video file
Video file

Deployed in record time within a short time frame due the challenging factors of the architecture of the building that demanded design approvals of the public administration, The system was ready for operation in the 2019/2020 season.

The system unifies the top performance of hardware and software technology. All the digital elements, including standard basketball clock and scoreboard are connected to the Goal Sport Software platform which allows seamless control. This system was carefully designed to consider the unique conditions of the venue. The led screens have the approval for use in games of the euroleague considering safety of players. The system operation is backed by an auxiliary server system which mitigates unintentional stop. 

The new media system in Peace and Friendship Arena allows live production, timekeeping, presentation of game stats, player presentations, video replaying with slow motion, instant replays and several creative ways to distribute content on the screens.

The gameday production was also enhanced by content production services offered by Goal Sport video creation team. New graphical animations were branded for Olympiacos BC, including video animations for player presentation, points, penalties, scoreboard templates, graphics for game stats and scene transitions. 

The Peace and Friendship Arena's project is a case of end-to-end integration performed by Goal Sport Technology where challenging factors were overcome by the flexibility of our solutions and the capability to accommodate demands of the client and partners.